May 09

I have spent days upon days on this game, and I’m not sure I can say I played جنرلات الحرب. It is remarkable for its ability to take such a long time to engage the player into the heat of battle. The player has to spend endless minutes building her first resources and buildings in the game. Meanwhile, there is no other action she can do but wait.

Yet, it seems to retain quite a few players and the chat servers are relatively busy. My observation may be too subjective in light of the actual player retention numbers the game is capturing. I have no data to support. The real cooldown times are even longer than what is posted on the system!

I must admit I still did not reach point in my progression where I can start doing anything other than building buildings one at a time.

It’s not all bad though. Lots of good things in fact. I have to give all the credit to Playzo (developers) and Next Idea (publishers) for stellar improvements on the game since it was first launched. If improvements keep iterating at this speed, جنرلات الحرب should be a long-term success. It would only be a matter of time.

I even remember a couple weeks ago when the Arabic version was still filled with German text. Not anymore.


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The landing page is very interesting. It’s effective in its simplicity, a nice 3D background and a video trailer sum it all to the first-time visitor. “Come, play, stay! this game will be fun”. All she is left to do is to sign up in also a very simplistic panel. This is the kind of design I like, it says it all without speaking much, and it takes you straight to the action.

I decided to check the bounce rate of this page on Alexa, and it seems to be extremely competitive. Of course, bounce rate is not a direct indicator of whether visitors are registering, but it is the closest publicly available proxy I could use to gauge the interest of visitors.



A nice nifty little feature that got me nodding my head was how the game presented the list of servers to the players. In fact, the players does not have to pick any server. She just has to pick a “front of battle”: East? West? which front are you fighting on? join it. No servers, no numbers, no server codenames. the naming and presentation comes all together from the very context of the game itself.



I had the impression the game was trying to squeeze me for money before I squeeze the fun out of it. As I’m still discovering the game, and way before any serious level of engagement, I found bottlenecks that prevented my progress unless I spent a few “diamonds” that cost me each of few dollars.

Again, this is subjective. Not sure if the conversion statistic is favorable and most players are progressing through this phase. I just felt that personally I was not at the right level of engagement to justify spending so early.



I very much enjoyed the changing weather in the game and how it affects my performance or the actions I could perform. Some actions take longer if it’s raining, and I’m positive that later in the game, I would not be able to engage in battle if the weather is raining. Nice feature that keeps the players on their toes. Not to say that it should efficiently convert players who want to control the weather.



I must say that so far I’m a little bit disappointed by the Arabic in this game, it seems to me that Next Idea was happy enough with a couple of passes of translation of the text, without actually digging a bit deeper into making the game more culturally or contextually relevant. Or maybe will they? They are iterating fast. Hopefully we will see a better Arabic soon.


I will keep on playing the game until I break into some gameplay more filled with suspense. And at that time, I will update this post. Happy fighting!

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